A bull can’t ignore the colour red

The human mind is in constant search of ‘how to’s. We want to know the ‘how to’s of life. The design is such that we wish to have a hack, recipe, formula, method, tip and a trick to deal with every aspect of our life. Of course, this is fine when it comes to operational and mechanical activities like fixing furniture or assembling physical objects. However, when it comes to mind, heart and aspects of art, these recipes do not work. They become mere ‘tick mark’ exercises for self-approval and gives the feeling of being committed to self-improvement. Thus, ‘how to’ is the biggest con of our lives. It’s a scam to trick and defraud ourselves.

Knowing that hacks and tricks don’t work is of little use. The human design will not let go of ‘how to’s. It wants to find ‘how to’ in everything we want to accomplice. Open any blog, book, video, social media, or attend any seminar/webinar/workshop; it is all full of how to’s.

Now that we know about this scam, what’s next? ‘How to get rid of it?’. You see, how the next ‘how to’ sneaked in.

Expecting humans not to look for how to’s is like expecting a Bull to ignore the colour red.

A Bull can’t ignore the colour red.