You will never be happy

You will never be happy.

We define happiness as a function of money, fame, relationships, self esteem, societal status and self validation. Once we are settled with this definition, we start the search.

We say once we get an education, we will be happy, then we want a job. For some, it’s a life partner or marriage, then children; for some, it’s to start their own business; once they cross 10M subscribers, they will be happy. When they get the VC funding, they will be happy; for some others, it is the post of a Manager or CEO which they think will make them happy. Once none of this gives anything closer to happiness, they move towards isms, rituals, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Gurus, religions and drugs. None of this will make you happy.

You cannot just pick one end of a stick. With happiness, there comes suffering. The other end of the stick. This suffering may allow you to be happy. Else the suffering itself won’t get picked, but then it will never allow you to stay happy for its the nature of suffering. Happiness thus becomes a never-ending chase to fix your habits, relationships, personal brand, financial status, spiritual being, mental calibre, physical fitness and on and on. You will never be happy.

When we say we want to be happy what we really say is we want freedom. Freedom from the mind and freedom from the suffering of life.