A bull can’t ignore the colour red

The human mind is in constant search of ‘how to’s. We want to know the ‘how to’s of life. The design is such that we wish to have a hack, recipe, formula, method, tip and a trick to deal with every aspect of our life. Of course, this is fine when it comes to operational and mechanical activities like fixing furniture or assembling physical objects. However, when it comes to mind, heart and aspects of art, these recipes do not work. They become mere ‘tick mark’ exercises for self-approval and gives the feeling of being committed to self-improvement. Thus, ‘how to’ is the biggest con of our lives. It’s a scam to trick and defraud ourselves.

Knowing that hacks and tricks don’t work is of little use. The human design will not let go of ‘how to’s. It wants to find ‘how to’ in everything we want to accomplice. Open any blog, book, video, social media, or attend any seminar/webinar/workshop; it is all full of how to’s.

Now that we know about this scam, what’s next? ‘How to get rid of it?’. You see, how the next ‘how to’ sneaked in.

Expecting humans not to look for how to’s is like expecting a Bull to ignore the colour red.

A Bull can’t ignore the colour red.

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Black and White

Black and White

When does a day starts and night stops? What part of sunshine is good and what is bad? Which is the right direction for a river to flow, and where does it take a wrong turn? Is a plant successful when it blooms flowers and a failure if it doesn’t?
All these questions come from a mind which attempts to ‘fit’ everything into a binary mode—the good and the bad, the right and the wrong. Nature is neither complete nor perfect. As we do not have any other parameter or context, we consider character to be complete and perfect the way it is. It is the conditioning of the mind to find perfection and seek completion. Our entire life is that chase for perfection and completion. The measurements of this is in binary. In the black and the white. In the wrong and the right.

A person is either good or bad. Life is either successful or a failure. An action is either right or wrong. Once these templates are created, our primary job is to fit into these templates or get into a never-ending journey towards completion and perfection. Virtue signalling is an outcome of these templates.

Gratitude becomes a tick mark journaling exercise.
Kindness becomes a people-pleasing and approval-seeking gesture. Generosity then is fake and forced exercise for seeking status and used for influencing.
These are all outcomes of the binary world.

Virtue ends up into a formula for validation and approval. 
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Let the flow take care

Let the flow take care

Many times we are into the thick and thin of matters. The matters can be of health, relationship, work or anything which is of our concern. We struggle to find a solution. The struggle for an answer is mostly with the same mindset with which we got into the problem. It is based on several assumptions about ourselves, our limits and the constraints given by the society we live in.

If we take a step back and transform the context around the challenges, we will see the content in a new light. A new context will make the content alter its presence and sometimes even vanish together. Yes, it’s like magic. For this magic to happen, one has to wait and give time for that magic to happen. The more freedom we give the situation, the freer you will be from the assumptions and constraints.

When a stone is thrown into a pond, it never struggles to reach its goal, the bottom of that pond. It never puts extra effort or any effort for that matter. The stone just goes with the flow without resisting the changes happening in its surrounding. It simply goes with the flow. It reaches its goal.

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You will never be happy

You will never be happy.

We define happiness as a function of money, fame, relationships, self esteem, societal status and self validation. Once we are settled with this definition, we start the search.

We say once we get an education, we will be happy, then we want a job. For some, it’s a life partner or marriage, then children; for some, it’s to start their own business; once they cross 10M subscribers, they will be happy. When they get the VC funding, they will be happy; for some others, it is the post of a Manager or CEO which they think will make them happy. Once none of this gives anything closer to happiness, they move towards isms, rituals, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Gurus, religions and drugs. None of this will make you happy.

You cannot just pick one end of a stick. With happiness, there comes suffering. The other end of the stick. This suffering may allow you to be happy. Else the suffering itself won’t get picked, but then it will never allow you to stay happy for its the nature of suffering. Happiness thus becomes a never-ending chase to fix your habits, relationships, personal brand, financial status, spiritual being, mental calibre, physical fitness and on and on. You will never be happy.

When we say we want to be happy what we really say is we want freedom. Freedom from the mind and freedom from the suffering of life.

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The Seekers

One who claims to be a seeker has to first understand what they are seeking.

What can one seek. One can seek only that what one knows either from their memory of past experiences or from the images they have created about it with their intellectual efforts like reading, listening or learning from someone.

You may seek truth, the meaning of life, or happiness or Nirvana or Moksha or enlightenment or transformation. Fill in whatever you call it. How will you know when you seek what you are seeking. What is that indicator, that signal which will tell you that you have reached your goal or that siddhi? If it is that bodily sensation of vibration or that trance state of timelessness or that inner voice. All of this is coming from your past. You have experienced something like this as a teaser or a trailer of it in the past. Now you are chasing that same experience using the same or similar or new methods told by some books, Gurus. You may have come up with your own methods based on your past experiences. Not for sure, all this may give you that experience again, that trance state which one gets by simple self-hypnosis again, or that vibration again. But, it is not just superficial, but it’s also temporary. People also get such experiences with some rubbish substances and medicines. The chase will still be on. A never-ending chase to attend enlightenment or nirvana. The more efforts you make, the more time you spend into the methods, rituals, and the study of these processes seek the truth, the more engrossed you will be into that process. You then start getting validation from it; you start justifying the intellectual non-sense from these processes and rituals. The quest to seek truth will end in a non-stop, never-ending chase for methods, techniques, tools and processes.

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In the flow

In the flow is a solo podcast.

It is a collection of personal learnings and private conversations.

The intention of these solo podcasts is not to teach, educate, advice or guide anyone.

This is a personal podcast. Any views or opinions represented in this podcast are personal and belong solely to the podcast speaker, and do not represent those of people, institutions or organisations that the speaker may or may not be associated with a professional or personal capacity unless explicitly stated. Any views or opinions are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organisation, company, or individual.

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