#932 smelling coffee

You wake up and you smell “COFFEE”. Awesome.


It’s also an idiom. ‘To wake up and smell coffee’ is actually to do something about the things that matter to us and also bother us. It’s about taking ACTION. Insecurities, frustrations, low confidence, inhibitions, incomplete plans, anxiety, nervousness, depression, feeling low, procrastination can all be sorted in a jiffy, just by taking ACTION. So wake up and smell coffee… a littleBIGthing 🙂

#979 smelling Petrol

No not the Kenzos, ESCADAs, cKs,Diors. Not the perfumes.

You are passing by a petrol pump and get to smell petrol. Wow its really transcending and ecstatic to smell petrol.


Why does petrol/gasoline smell good?

some interesting answers:

  • Benzene gives it the smell
  • Because the smell receptors in your nasal passageways are privy to the scent of petroleum/gasoline.
  • petrol doesn’t smell that pleasant but everybody has different receptors of what appeals to them in their brains. For example , some like the smell of spray paint, whilst some others can’t stand it 🙂

Whatever the reason, but one thing is sure smelling petrol is an absolute littleBIGthing !!!

Chhoti Si Baat!!!



#993 Smelling a new book

A new academic year starts. New uniform… may be, new rainy shoes…may be  but new books…yes those were for sure. Note books and some textbooks if not all. Just imagine opening a new book in its center somewhere and taking a deep breath to smell it…warm and crisp and oddly sweet and dusty…the fresh scent of paper, ink, and glue.

I love this smell...

I think form these formative years we developed the liking  for smell of new books.These smells now act as time machines. Once in a while you smell a book that’s exactly like an elementary school textbook, and for a moment you can see your old classrooms, and you remember how exciting a new textbook was and how its uncracked spine and glossy pages promised so much. I just smelled one new book for writing this post…trust me its highly nostalgic and gives immense pleasure.


Chhoti Si Baat!!!