#935 The moment you wake-up 1 min before alarm & disable it

There have been numerous instances when your alarm clock shouts in your ears to wake you up. And many a times you do wake up but only to snooze it. We always have the feeling of getting 5 more minutes of sleep. But sometimes on some days it’s completely different. You wakeup naturally having a feeling of a plain and complete sleep.  It’s a moment you woke up 1 min before alarm rings and you actually disable it. The feeling of having that complete sleep is awesome but disabling alarm just one minute before its set time…alittleBIGthing 🙂


#973 Getting back in your bed after a long trip

Home sweet home.

You excitedly plan a trip. Sketch the plans to visit all the important points. Ensure you take all required in your packing bag. Also tell your friends to bring whats needed. All the co-travelers meet at a place to take the vehicle. The journey begins. From morning to late night or at times full night there is full thrill, excitement with music, dance and lots of fun. Your complete package of 7days and 6 nights is happening like a joy ride with sheer enthusiasm.  Returning on you way back you sing songs, shout slogans and travel back to you place. You remove your shoes, throw your bags, take a nice shower , have your dinner and come back into your bed. For some unknown reason you bed detaches you from the outer world. It relaxes your body with out any massage.

Good Nito

Takes away the strain of your body and mind. There is this cozy , lovely feeling where you can just let go yourself and sleep like a baby.  Good nito 🙂