#928 love marriage

Love marriage

“We didn’t allowed marriage to spoil our friendship” is the famous line of the famous duo Javed Ahktar and Shabana Azmi. Marriage has that potential to spoil friendship , to spoil love. As Natasha Badhwar writes “Marriage is an accident-prone adventure. It gets hijacked, kidnapped, derailed, distracted and exhausted. Marriage can become a pile of resentments.” The dynamics of marriage is not just about two people, it’s about two families and two cultures. More damagingly it’s about two egos. If its a structure to bring togetherness then that togetherness itself is a platform for over-exposure of each other. A stage to let expectations lead to frustrations. But being married doesn’t keep you away from LOVE, only if you could clearly distinguish it. Love is innocent and need nurturing. It needs hand holding till it can start walking. Especially at times when the legs are weak and floor is hard. Love is when you kiss on HER forehead when she is in deep sleep. Love is walking with her in one umbrella , laughing with her watching a movie . Love is fixing the cable connection so she doesn’t miss on her favorite TV serial. Marriage is not mandatory (actually not necessary) …love is.

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