#970 Reaching milestones

Everyone of us is in a Journey. It can be a journey towards our dreams or it can be the journey of life. Every journey has a start and a destination. Most of the time we are concerned and focused more towards reaching the destination. With this obsession to reach the destination comes the passion for pace. Speed becomes more important than direction. We get so busy looking at the speedometer that we forget the milestone. But if we look closely towards our life we realize that real fun and excitement lies in the milestones of our journey. Destination is something which is important and will come some day but milestones gives us happiness in this moment. It gives us the satisfaction of the process and the journey. Imagine you just closing your eyes abracadabra and you are in your holiday location. Will you really enjoy doing it, missing the fun and excitement of the journey of traveling through the milestones? Absolutely not. The fun of looking those milestones on the road which not just tell you about your distance from the destination but more importantly it ensure that you are in the right direction. Speed in wrong direction will take you to a wrong place faster. The real fun is the fun of touching, reaching and feeling every milestone of our life. A milestone can be you learning swimming,  your first love, you complete reading a book, preparing a new recipe, admission in school for your child, enjoying dinner with your parents, making friendship with a stranger. It can be anything and everything which tell you that you are on the right path, the path YOU chose to travel.

But now for all of us its time to celebrate the milestone of reaching 1000 views of this blog “999littleBIGthings“. The site stats can be seen on the right-side of the post, thanks for making it a point to stop-by this blog and encouraging me to write the little BIG things of my life , your life.