# 997 Taking a warm water bath

His face was glowing and expressions were as if him he has been on heaven or something.

I am telling you about my colleague Mohan from one of my previous organizations. Its many years back when we used to work in shifts. It was a afternoon shift when Mohan came with his charming face.


I couldn’t resist asking him what happened. He said “I just now had a nice warm water bath along with my 3 year old” he continued “It was absolutely awesome and almost like paradise”. He was thrilled and I was lost. I said to myself how come this guy be so happy just to take a warm water bath with his son. Now I can experience the same when I take a bath most of times. The reason it was not available to me before is for most of the times while bathing I was never there. I was either in my office or somewhere else but not WITH the water. So to experience the bliss of warm water bath one has to just flow along with flow of water over the whole body from head to toe. Enjoy every moment of it. Enjoy every drop of it.

Chhoti Si Baat!!!

# 998 In a full pack bus,a person vacates and you get a seat

Today I had to go to DPS Nerul to get the application form. I had some work in my office first so had to come to office. When I got out of office it was almost noon, so very hot sun right on my head. I was almost exhausted in the hot and humid Mumbai noon standing on the bus stop waiting for a bus. There are very few buses from where I was to where I had to go.

That further increased the wait time. If you closely see my explanation, we normally don’t have to take much effort to complain about the non-working things. But now let me share with you my happiness…real happiness not the one which I wait for some day when I have my own car(I really doubt if I would be happy at all then…anyways) or something. I saw the desired bus with coming…no this didn’t make me happy BECAUSE it was jam packed. I was actually better off standing in hot sun outside than to be in that air-tight jam packed hot moving object. But as I had no option I took that bus, I stepped up and the moment I entered inside, the person on my left hand side just tapped me to move. Firstly he moved me so he could get out of his seat and then gave me the place to sit. Wooohoo…I got the seat within faction of a minute and to sit till my destination. I was enchanted absolutely. I was happier than owning a BMW.

Chhoti Si Baat!!!

#999 Looking at an old gift and reliving the moment again

What time is it now? Whenever we have this question we look at the taskbar of our computer, or our wrist watch or a wall clock. I do the same every day. And there is nothing different other than the time which the clock displays. But today it was different,when I saw the wall clock on the wall of our bachelor’s house I just thought of from where we got this wall clock.

Answer is, it is something which one of my friends Tanveer gifted when he was also one of our roommates. Suddenly all memories came alive in front of me. As a matter of fact I could experience the presence of Tanveer and it was like time got rewound. I got in touch with his happy go lucky freak-out attitude. His phenomenal sense of humor and the great times we all friends had together. Gifts have this unique ability to take you back to the time when you actually got it, what’s needed is to spare some time to ponder over it and then actually relive and experience the old time again. Just look around and you may find one such sweet memory. The wall clock is not at all a big thing for Tanveer but the memories associated and the good old times captured by the clock are absolutely priceless. That’s the magic of little BIG things of our life.

Chhoti Si Baat!!!