Seven ways to deal with FOMO

Fear Of Missing Out may not seem to be valid but is a fact in the digitally social world.

Seven ways to deal and confront FOMO using mindful writing :

1. Take out 10 minutes to write down all that you think you will miss out. This may include things related to your work and your personal life. Also, write things which you do just because it’s now a habit. Cover both the digital and non-digital platforms.

2. Review and correct the list after 24 hours. Rectify and rearrange if and as needed. Bring it as close as possible to fit in your typical day.

3. See what parts of it really matters in your life. You can categorically indicate using tasks based on its importance or priority for you.

4. Now make a list of things which you can reduce or avoid. Eg : news watching, channel surfing, net browsing, social and other media consumption etc.

5. Create “Big Rocks”. Bog Rocks are the areas and roles in your life that you are committed to and which you value the most. As a professional, a husband/ partner, a father, an artist etc.

6. List down the activities associated to your Big Rocks. Schedule these activities and tasks in your upcoming calendar for the week.

7. Revisit what you achieved at the end of week. Appreciate and reward yourself for living an effective life.

And a Bonus step 😊 :

Repeat from Step 1 to Step 7

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