#927 Growing with a star


Growing with a star

I am not an Amitabh Bachan fan. I have watched Sholay 37 times, Don 43 times and Deewar ? …have stopped counting. The words amitabh bachan (or rather it was amitabachan then ) came to me first as an idiom in childhood and not as a name. Anyone doing anything heroic, anything amazing was called amitabachan. The childhood fascination for action and fight kept me away from silsila and chupke-chupke kinda movies. Which I had to catch later in my life only to appreciate them more. His eyes , voice, posture, body language and conviction in any character were mesmerizing. I don’t have to write of his acting skills here and anyways I am not an Amitabh Bachan fan. The learning as I grew was in his commitment and passion for his work. His fight back attitude in both emotional and physical crisis he has gone through in his life. The modesty and humility towards others. When in KBC he says to a common man “aap jaise sajjan ko milne ka mauka mujhe mila” I can tell you that sajjan will not sleep for a week. His mastery in various topics yet the ability to be a lifelong student. His openness to learn new things is what thrills me. How many born in 1940’s even know what twitter is. While publishing this post it’s his 805th day on twitter. And the tweets are interesting, inspiring and informing…always. Although I am not an Amitabh Bachan fan.
Watching movies , enjoying songs, repeating dialogues of stars is an awesome experience but growing with a star is…alittleBIGthing 🙂

“sunna hai lift ki deewaron ke kaan nahi hote”

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