#929 Jugaad…frugal innovation whose time has come

It is an idea, whose time has come. Jugaad also known as frugal innovation is not new. Necessities and lack of resources to fulfill them gives birth to Jugaad and its happening for donkey’s ages in India. Jugaad is a Hindi word that in a nutshell refers to making do with what one has to solve one’s problems. But it’s not just a word but a mindset. Although this kind of frugal innovation is now widely used across industries for value addition and business development but its basis lies in the day to day handling of life problems or meeting necessities. It can be seen in people using cooked rice to stick postage stamps and envelops instead of glue, a wife using a tin box to match her height with husband for a couple photograph, students using waste blank papers to bind and make a new notebook. This and many such Jugaad is done by people from different groups and can be a miraculous solution to persisting problems. But as many great things which happen at grass root levels rarely get highlighted and institutionalized for a greater good same is true with Jugaad. So what’s now needed is to come up with another Jugaad to take these local innovations to solve Global issues. And such a JUGAAD is definitely an idea whose time has come.     

A little BIG thing !!!

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