#930 Diary writing

Dear Diary,

You are who I am. For me, of me and by me. I can at times fool and cheat myself but not you because truthfulness is at the heart of your existence. Hiding anything from you actually takes away your soul and makes you just a bunch of papers. You make me laugh, you make me cry, and you make me get in touch with myself. While writing in you I relive my experiences of the day. That’s why I prefer to meet you at night before I sleep. So I can be with you along with all my feelings of the day. Right from early morning when I woke up, the way I planned my day and what I could actually accomplish. I share with you how I liked working with someone, how someone pissed me off or rather how I allowed myself to get pissed off :). You capture the current phase of my life, my emotions, my dreams, my victories and my defeats. You track my career, my health, and my relationships. You also give me an opportunity to go in past through your old pages which most of the times makes me laugh on myself.   Thanks to you I don’t have to wait for years to plunge myself in some holy river for “emotional cleansing”. You are my easy and simple access for daily Catharsis. I can vent my anger, share my grief, and cry my heart out and still you never complain. At end of my writing every night when I wish you “good night”, it’s a great feeling. It’s like I wishing myself, and why won’t it be? as anyways…You are who I am.

catch you tonight…

alittleBIGthing 🙂


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