#937 Following on Twitter

We all have a circle of friends and of course we follow their life. What they are up to, what are their interests, what they like/dislike, what are they reading, which movies they watch etc. We don’t choose our friends, we are friends first and then we engage in their lives accepting them the way they are and the way they are not. Now in addition to our friends consider having a choice to actually choose people from any part of the Globe. Yes Twitter makes it happen for us. We can follow our Hero (both of life and movies), great thinkers, creators, authors, industrialists, journalists, politicians etc. Interact with them, know them, know what they are up to and enjoy great discussion being at home.  Isn’t that amazing ?. I can know how @ShashiTharoor is the most intelligent and committed leader  we have in India, when @SrBachchan is going to dub for his new movie Department, how close was @AzmiShabana with late Mona Kapoor, @GulPanag ‘s obsession to stay fit, what books @Flipkart recommends, @sardesairajdeep’s love for Old Monk, when is @anandmahindra flying to London and for what, @PritishNandy ‘s views on various topics, and the awesome way in which @AnupamPkher says “Jai Ho” 🙂

Being in the company of great by following them on Twitter…alittleBIGthing 🙂

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