#941 Nightout with PaanSinghTomar

I became fann of PST right from the entry of Irrfan. Jab saitalis mien angrez hindustan se bhage Nehruji ke nava Bharat nirman ke sange sange hamar bhi nirman hui bhava. PST ka khumar utra an tha I saw Anurag Kashyap’s tweet of having a screening and Q&A with director Tigmanshu. As something like this was already done and had worked well for ROCKSTAR with Imtiaz Ali I wanted to be there. Watching the movie second time was more effective than first time, PVR Juhu’s sound system definitely added to this experience. As expected, when the movie ended Anurag came upfront and introduced Tigmanshu. And a wonderful session about the movie and it’s making started. How the real story of PST was researched with interview of dacoits, police, family of PST and locals of chambal was shared by writer Sanjay Chauhan and Tigmanshu. Taking this opportunity I asked Tigmanshu the relevance of showing a mad woman during an encounter sequence in the movie. Tig really liked and appreciated the question first and then said he wanted to so the confusion of the mad woman about things happening around her. He mentioned Shekhar kapoor in Bandit queen had this idea and attempted but somehow didn’t clicked. But yes in PST it worked. After a few more questions Anurag came up saying there is a good news that next show i.e of 11pm has been booked houseful but then for the show to start we have to vacant the hall. Tigmanshu was about to say thanks to all but Anurag interrupted him and said we will not leave u so soon let’s continue the session behind the theater building on a katta. Although those with families had to leave there was a group of 30-35 of us who continued the discussion and it went till almost 1pm. Anurag was busy most of the time making his cigs first in paper slips and then smoking those. Tigmanshu and Sanjay answered all questions very openly including the problems they had with producers. But most interesting part was to know more about PST. How everyone including the dacoits in chambal to the police who killed him had to say how good at heart PST was. How his soon Hanmanta had attempted to kill the khabri of his father but missed it. Hanmanta then died in a road accident. The khabri is now a mukhiya of a village. Wife of PST was most of the time crying when they visited his house. She is now very old and helpless. But then thats true with all the sports heros and their families of this nation. Most have died penniless or have sold their gold medals for their living. Unsung heros are not just a past even today except cricket what treatment our sportsperson get here we all are very much aware. In the words of Paan Singh “Do anda, do kela dete ho aur bolte ho medal leke aao”. But at least let us support movies like PST which brings some awareness and keep the hope alive…Kaho Haan.

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