#946 Preparing Manja for kites

These days you get ready made Manja in shops but I am sure those you have flied their kites with self-made Manja will agree that “Shop Manja mein wo dhar nahi hai”. Its like you get a vending machine tea but its no where close to the traditional home-style made tea. As a child I have made countless bundles of Manja countless times of which it was only once for myself. Retrospectively I think it was a GREAT example of teamwork with an intention to just make Manja and let the kite fly, whose Manja it was, we had a passing interest. The ingredients required were also very interesting: Broken Tube lights, broken soda bottle glass (that was considered the best glass), saras, color, maida and water. After boiling it on a brick stove cotton thread was passed through it using support of sticks. Then, the thread was made to pass through glass powered held in a cloth.

More the glass, sharper the Manja. Some experts were also know not just for the sharpness of the their Manja but also by the color of it. Once the lotion applied on thread dries it got bundled.You are now ready to fly your kite and then do the Kite fighting with other fliers. You win or lose one thing is was guaranteed…100% THRILL. If kite flying is fun preparing manja is a littleBIGthing 🙂

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