#947 Eating streetside bhurji pav

Location :Hotel Pranaam Belgaum. Time: around 8 pm. Intention: to be with friends. Contribution started from 2 rupees and some friends made the maximum(whatever was balance) to ensure we all get half plate bhurji and single pav. Mama’s (aka Bhagat) bhurji for us then was more than any five start treat. After 15 years and been to many 5 star’s in India and abroad I confirm my opinion that street side bhurji of Bhagat is the BEST. I specially went to his stall couple of weeks back (his stall is in front of Globe Cinema in Belgaum) and found it the same. Although one thing missing were my friends.Here in Mumbai the street bhurji walas are also fab. The bhurji you get near teen hath naka thane ( where you have to be ok about the pintaks sitting there :)) or the one in-front of Gate 5 of Godrej in Vikhroli is really awesome. Bhurji pav is one of the most underrated food(compared to the fast foods we get today) but thanks to this we get it at very reasonable price…so let’s be happy about it :). Its a filler, tasty and also cost effective. So next time you are out in evening and when you dare not to go to the KFC’s and Mac D’s justg to look good and show how “cool” you are. Try street side bhurji pav…trust me its really AWESOME…its really a littleBIGthing 🙂

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