#949 To Validate

Basic Human requirements somehow are same across. To love someone you may look for lovable traits in that person. But to accept, appreciate, acknowledge and validate people the requirement is just that they are human and alive. Yes to be validated is a very basic requirement of all human beings. When we validate someone we actually respect people for who they are. You may not agree with them, you may not like what they stand for but validation is neither approval nor surrender. Many discussions , conversations go completely off track just because we don’t validate the other person. Validation also ensures you don’t label, box and frame people. As a matter of fact this gives the other person a space to be whoever they want be and not what label we give them. Let me take this opportunity to validate YOU. Let me tell you that you are very very special and you are Awesome.It takes a lot of generosity for you to take your time to read this post and thus validate, acknowledge my effort to write this, thus motivating and encouraging me to write more. Thank You and you go validate some now 🙂 … trust me it gives tremendous happiness and yessss its a littleBIGthing 🙂

Please take some time to watch the below video of Hugh Newman’s on validation.


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