#954 It’s last chance and you get the ATM pin right

You are out of cash in a market. You not just have to shop and pay bills but also need money to get back home. You go to a nearby ATM center, insert your card and what??? you just don’t recollect the ATM Pin. Yes its probably 9257…hmmm yes you try that pin and oh its “incorrect pin”. You are nervous and you panic. This makes recollecting the pin even more difficult. Now you want to try 9527…its not 9257 its 9527…you put this new pin only to find the message again “incorrect pin”. Your heartbeat increases, suddenly in the AC room of ATM you start sweating. You know that if the third attempt is incorrect your card will get locked inside and worse is you won’t get money now, in fact for next 24 hours. Suddenly you drop all the negative thoughts coming in your and get ready to face the consequences. You somehow realize that the number should be 9275 and you enter it in quickly. Hurray…THE PIN WORKS

alittleBIGthing 🙂


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