#957 The no shaving days

Wikipedia says we started shaving facial hair before 3000BC. That was the time when chopper tools and copper razors were invented. Like the corporates today in the 4th century┬á BC Alexander the Great strongly demanded shaving for his soldiers as he believed it looked tidier. All the tools and technologies of shaving from stone choppers to high-end electric shaving m/c s from no-water shaves to skin sensitive foams nothing could reduce the boredom associated with the process of shaving. No other daily activity is as discomforting and boring as shaving. Just the thought of shaving brings a huge resistance to the process of doing it. May be that is why when you get up on a holiday or a Sunday and realize that you won’t have to shave today…ahhhhh….its a great relief. No Shaving day thus is ….a littleBIGthing ­čÖé

SEE What you can do by not shaving:

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