#958 Rains…when it rains

kabhi yuN bhi to ho
ye baadal aisaa TooT ke barse
mere dil ki tarah milne ko, tumhaara dil bhi tarse
tum niklo ghar se
kabhi yuN bhi to ho
tanhaai ho dil ho, booNde hoN barsaat ho aur tum aao
kabhi yuN bhi to ho

Lets go together out of this city into the fresh green lands where there is only you, me and these rains.  Lets get lost in to the heavy showers. Lets get washed again, lets start fresh again. Lets be wet again ,lets take shade again. Below that shade lets have kanda bhaji and hot tea. Lets sit together listening to gazals. Lets take lift again. Lets put vicks again. Lets sing song again, do rain dance again. Lets eat paan again , lose our caps again. When it rains lets get wet again. When it rains lets just meet again.

When it rains …a littleBIGthing !!!

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