#961 Revisiting School

Suvarna teacher is teaching mathematics for 8th, 9th and 10th standard for last 22 years. When a student enters the class of standard 8th she/he first time meets Suvarna teacher in her first maths class. That time neither the teacher nor the student knows whats in-stored in future, but the enthusiasm, energy and passion for mathematics is never compromised by the teacher.

10- 15 years later same location same school

For some reason or just without any reason you get to go back to your school. The moment you enter the school gate you experience entering an era where you spent the most glorious period of your life. Although many things around have changed yet you still get the feeling of belonging to this space. The rock garden is now no more and a new building has come up to accommodate more students. The cafeteria is now almost four times the size it was before. There is a new computer lab and an instructor who were not there. Although things have changed drastically but not everything. Right from your entry in to the school you realize this. The security Mama gives the smile and in his smile you remember how he supported you in breaking the ‘no playing in parking‘ rule for your football matches. The peon is happy to see you and wants to know everything of your present. Yes the notice boards still tells you how you fought with your friends to see first the results put on them. The play ground is a witness of your injuries, courage and victories. The water tank and tap which gave you water when you need it the most after your PT sessions and sports days. After seeing and being with all this when you meet your teachers you realize that its not possible for you to gauge the amount of happiness the teachers have just by looking at you. Suvarna┬á teacher comes out completing her maths class of 9th standard and then you meet her in the corridor. Looking at you and what you are in your life Suvarna teacher wants to take you to all her present students. She is so proud of you and your achievements. But then its you who knows its very well that all the achievements and accolades of your life seem very small in front of the satisfaction and fulfillment in the eyes of Survarna teacher.

Yes revisiting school is the best and may be one of the few ways to visit your childhood…

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