#962 Playing with glued fingers

It all starts with the first craft period in the school. As a little kid we are infamous for breaking things. Although some over optimistic parents console themselves thinking their child will be an engineer or scientist. There are also some cynical parents who can’t resist calling their child a ‘kabaadi’ or a ‘bhangar wala’. The only hope a child finds for the hidden artistic talent inside is in the form of craft teacher. It’s this teacher who gives a child the materials of creativity to be used on a canvas of imagination.

Among all the different items to be used like paper, scissor, images, the one which is most important but never seen anywhere in the final product is the glue. Yes glue is like love, it  gives the bonding to relate and connect all the aspects of the craft article but will not be seen anywhere, hiding its presence somewhere behind. Its this glue which you like to play with the most. You like doing the art piece but the unexpected , bonus enjoyment is to stick your fingers with glue. And to get double enjoyment is to remove that glue from your finger skin.

alittleBIGthing 🙂

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