#963 A Tiffin Box

Stanley is a fourth grade student of Holy family school. He has lost his parents in an accident.He works part time for a living. He don’t have anyone to make and give him his school dabba. While watching this I realized how the child inside me has become a labor for last 12 years since I left my house to work and make a living.

Being away from my Mom there has been no tiffin box for years now. Yes there is a little bit of Stanley in all of us. As a child, a well packed dabba with different delicacies was an important part of school life. Sandwiches, Chapati rolls, khichdi, fruits everyday something new. Carrying the tiffin box to school and then sharing with everyone and enjoying different varites was a real treat. Those days we never bothered to think what time Mom gets up in morning and when does she prepares the tiffin box. Then when we go home, throw the bags she takes out, cleans and keeps the box ready for next morning. Now it all looks so valuable.

But then Stanley never gives up, he starts preparing his own dabba, remembering his Mom(missing her) .Also he gives entire credit of tiffin box preparation to his Mom in front of his friends and teachers. He tells them imaginary stories of how his Mom gets up early to prepare the tiffin box and how she goes to wholesale market to get cheaper vegetables. All in story not in reality, but by this he has his Mom with him in those stories…always. We too can prepare our own dabbas taking help from Mom on calls and yes giving them the full credit for those lovely dabbas.

The contents of a tiffin box made by Moms may be more or less in quantity. The taste of food, you may sometimes like , sometimes not. But one thing is for sure, all Moms take help of these dabbas just to express their immeasurable affection and its their best and at times only way to say you ,”I LOVE YOU”.


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