#965 Crying

A few weeks back I was traveling by train to a friend’s marriage. I had a confirm seat in a 3 tier compartment. As the train started, the first few minutes of the people around me went first in settling their luggage and then to get settled themselves.  I had a single bag which I dumped on the top birth quickly making myself available to watch the people around ( which I like the most in trains). There was this couple around me with their year old child with them. Out of the 8 hours of journey this child was crying for almost 4 hours maybe more but not less for sure. I definitely understand because this child cannot speak it was helpless and crying. But another important thought I couldn’t resist from thinking . It was, If a year old child with pain and anger of a year requires to cry so much then how much of pain, anger, sadness, anguish is suppressed in us when we not allow the flow out in the form of tears.

Like joy and happiness, sadness is also natural and very much a human emotion. And crying is a most authentic expression of sadness and sorrow. Whatever may be the reason or trigger for sadness, experiencing its wholeness and then expressing it without withhold is being alive and being with life. Making ‘ONLY’ happiness as aim of life is a sure way to an unfulfilled life. Accepting ,embracing sadness and expressing it by crying is absolute happiness although in a different form. The child in train after expressing its pain by crying ,without anything being done by its parents calmed down. It went in to a plain sleep with no suppression, no withholds. We too can have that calm and plain sleep, just by expressing our inner feelings fearlessly. With no withhold, no suppression…just CRY.

yun ujaalon se vasta rakhana,
shamma ke paas hi hava rakhana,

Ghar ki taamir chaahe jaisi ho,
Issmein rone ki ek jagah rakhana.


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