#966 Bathroom Singing

Likewise, when those who enjoy a hot bath inhale the air of the bath, so that the heat of the air enters their spirits and makes them hot, they are found to experience joy. It often happens that they start singing, as singing has its origin in gladness.

The above lines were written centuries ago by Ibn Khaldun in Chapter 1 of his book Muqaddimah. So now you know how old this habit of yours is. Some ignorant people give ironic reference to bathroom singing to amateur or mediocre singers. These people don’t know the power of bathroom singing. Great singers like Kishore Kumar started as bath room singers. Don’t worry I don’t want to build the performance anxiety and take away the fun and pleasure of your bathroom singing. For few its even before they enter the bathroom their song starts, but for most its after entering. As the water droplets fall gently on your body some point in the brain (no I think its in the heart) triggers the vocal cord and you just let go. Expressing yourself fully into an awesome song.The multiple reflections from the walls and the acoustic effect of bathroom enriches the sound of your voice giving it fullness and depth. This experience of singing fearlessly, without any boundaries, with full excitement, being in complete flow is like a bird flying in open limitless Sky. The song can be rock, rap or classical ,the effect for sure is magical. No music system, no singer in the world can beat you at this…you ROCK.

Consider if we bring this same full self expression of our bathroom singing in all areas of our life and let go ourselves full-out into whatever we do wherever we are. The whole world be our bathroom and life be our song for singing. Amen!!!

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