#967 Processing of online payment successfully

In ancient times when money was not invented trade as a whole was on barter system. Our ancestors exchanged goods for goods. But then my great to the power 45849549 grandfather said to your great to the power 46430983 grand father:

“The grains you are giving me will not be sufficient to the rats in my cave and definitely not worth the fish I am giving you”.To solve this problem they both developed what is called commodity money first(with salt,tobacco,fruits) but when that too was difficult to trade with so they came up with this brilliant idea of paper and metal money. Now we being the successors of such intelligent ancestors came up with more brilliant ways of doing transactions. e-Transactions or electronic transactions to do business online from any part of the world with virtual money. But again as we are the successors of the same anxious , tensed ancestors of ours who were not normal till the transaction was over, we too have inherited that anxiety. What happens when you see the below symbol while your payment is being processed???

  This period of 2-3 mins of payment processing seems like a lifetime. You want the world to be still, you don’t even move your hands from where they are.Blood Pressure increases, throat gets dry , nails go in-between the teeth automatically until you finally see the message: “Your transactions is completed successfully and the ID is ABC123.” hussssssssshhhhhhhhhh…

alittleBIGthing 🙂

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