#968 Sunday Mornings

“Thank God its Sunday”

After working hard for 6 days of creation God took rest on the 7th day…a SUNDAY. So you know how old and deep rooted resting on sundays is into our system. Do you get up at 6am , see the calendar , find its Sunday and then go back to sleep again?…NO. Sleeping late on Sunday mornings happens automatically. And when you wake-up realizing its Sunday the mood and atmosphere of a chillax morning gets set in no time. A hot cup of tea/coffee in bed with a hotter Sunday special news paper. The stretching of body, opening of windows and moving of curtains all happens at snails speed. There is neither need to take early bath (or bath at all) nor the rush to get ready as its a no office no work day. Listening to your favorite old music you slowly start cleaning your study or living room. I mean you just start, not complete cleaning the room. You start arranging books and in between get lost into the pages of a certain book. You go to clean your garden and get involved into repairing the water-pump. You start surfing TV and get engaged into an old romantic movie. This getting lost and losing track from one thing to another is only possible and affordable on Sunday mornings. Brunch instead of breakfast and lunch, basking out in sun instead of Air conditioned offices, chit-chating and gossiping with friends instead of boardroom meetings are all features of a Sunday morning. Your mornings on rest of the 6 days might be really good but nothings comes close to the outlandishly casual and relax Sunday mornings. You really like OWN those :0).

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