#969 Receiving a postal letter

Ding Dong, the bell rings. On opening the door you just see backside of a uniformed man. Yes he is your postman who is going to the next house delivering your letter in the letter box. An interesting character this postman is, carrying hundreds of emotions, yet aloof from all of those.

You open the letter box take out the letter and what…the pleasure of reading your own name in a known handwriting on a letter can only be compared with reading your name on your graduation certificate or your first driving license may be. It’s a letter from your best friend who is writing after a long time. You are reading through the lines on a paper but the experience is completely different, it’s like you walking down the memory lanes. The letter like a time machine takes you to the time you spent as classmates, the incidence of teacher throwing you both out of class, the way you friends used to struggle to contribute for eating an omelet, your first outdoor trip, all those small but cherish able memories get alive in front of you.  It’s really difficult to stop those tears at such moments, but then why should you stop. The water drops from your eyes falling on this letter makes this letter more beautiful and a treasure to maintain forever. So now you have got this ticket to your old times, yes you just open those letters and go on an awesome free ride. Fasten your belts please; I want you to comeback safe as there are more Fantastic and Great times to come up in future.

By the way it’s not just receiving and reading a letter ok? Writing a postal letter is also…

alittleBIGthing 🙂

so do write letter.

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