#971 Inventing new words with friends


I don’t know the origin of this word. ‘Word power made easy’ by Norman Lewis doesn’t give the source of it. Oxford , Cambridge dictionaries don’t have this word . It’s a word which is invented during a casual discussion with friends. When you see a beautiful Car its Jabraaangss. Listen to an awesome song its Jabraaangss. Icecream with loads of chocolate and dry-fruits is Jabraaangss.

Rahul starts using it first, then Priya catches it, then Dinesh and slowly the entire friend circle starts using this word as if its an actual word. And by the way this invented word when used with proper tone makes the perfect sense to the entire group even better than the other dictionary words. People who are not from the group may not get it right initially. For the entire world the meaning might be something horror but for us friends Khatarnaak is marvelous. The same word is further altered for different situations. If you really love something which is marvelous and have a belonging for it then it becomes Khatroo :). There is no planning to device these words, no books referred nothing. It all happens in a moment and for some unknown reason everyone likes, accepts and adopts the word. Dabba for flop, faadoo for scary, satkish for weird, ambat for sexually obsessed , tutti for pen-drive are all words which are invented in friends groups and have got popular without any marketing. Who knows all the words which we use today came from some or the other groups of friends who invented them then.

For now have a dhinchak classical DAY 🙂


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