#972 Eating barf ka gola

Want to know a sure shot way to beat the heat? Yes go for colorful crushed ice ball ‘barf ka gola’.


The golas remind me of my childhood days. While coming from school in the summer afternoons, or after playing a match on Sundays on the hot ground. The search was always for the gola wala. At that time it used to be a small cart but appeared big for our small eyes and tempting for tongue.ย  Now we find people demanding ( also getting) golas made in mineral water, but as a child there was no concern of the purity of water or hygiene of the syrups used. For some unknown reason that didn’t even harmed us, maybe there were many things to do, lot of games to play than to fall sick. My favorite was and still is kala khata . Orange flavored looks cool but the chatpataness of kala khata is amazing. The fun of watching the gola wala prepare a gola is equal fun as eating it. The way he crushes ice block, presses the ice in a small cup/glass , inserts a wooden stick with its end bended to get grip of ice and then the most important part of it, putting colorful syrups on the crushed ice. A little lemon and salt on top to make it interesting and your gola is ready. You take it from the gola wala and start eating and sucking it. The color of the fresh gola like young age after sometime starts losing its color and charm. If youth is colorful old age isย  more meaningful. We don’t throw the white ice left, we eat it all till the end because this colorless, flavorless ice does the job of real cooling, what it is meant for.And by the way the colorless ice still tastes equally good because the charming color and flavor of youth is now moved over the tongue to make everything tasty and colorful that comes with old age. Don’t believe ? eat a gola and check your tongue ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. …and what one still loves when the ice is white is to see each others tongue and the different colours it has gained!!

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