#974 Planning for a long weekend

Weekends is a weekly affair but getting a long weekend is rare. Just the thought of having a long weekend and real long break from office is really thrilling. As the weekend comes nearer planing what to do for long weekend becomes more exciting. As a matter of fact the planning for long weekend is more interesting and exciting than actual weekend it self :).

Some of the things which we all enjoy planning for week end:

  • Backpacking Trip:
    bagpack trip

    Combines hiking and camping in a single trip. A backpacker hikes into the back-country to spend one or more nights there, and carries supplies and equipment to satisfy sleeping and eating needs. Lesser money you use more fun will you have.Go by cheap transport for real fun take a lift on a tractor, Bullock cart, or just keep walking. Eat awesome roadside dhaba food or cook your own. Stay in tents. Don’t plan for destination be fully involved in the journey.Just create context of enjoyment and let things open up. Full Adventure full Fun.

  • Movie watching: Yes agreed a movie might seem a small time activity but planning for movie and accompanying it with some shopping and yummy dinner can be full of Fun.

    movie plans
  • Get-Together : This can be really interesting way to enjoy a long weekend. You can invite your near and dears . Play indoor games, prepare nice food and enjoy it all chitchatting with everyone.

There can be many other plans which can be really cool but what matters is having process satisfaction and not just end goal satisfaction. As we know the real excitement is in planning and preparing for the long weekend. So what’s your plan for this long weekend baby???


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