#975 Eating stuff you loved as kid

Fasten your belts, be ready let’s travel back to childhood summer vacation days. It’s afternoon time. Everyone is sleeping except you 3-4 kids. Now it’s the time prepare the stuff you love the most when you make it yourself. Its JIGLI time… (not sure what its called in different languages, but sure everyone will get it by the end of post).

  • JIGLI:

6-7 Tamarinds (Imli), 50 gms Jaggery (Gur) grated ,2 tsp Red chili powder, 4 lemon plant leaves, hing and salt,blacksalt for taste.

stone grinder

Grind it on a stone grinder till all the ingredients gel into one big ball of jigli. Now you can either make small balls of it and put on a spoon or for perfect effect on a top wooden stick of broom.

Now that its prepared its time to eat it like an ice candy licking it. Its super excitement at each bite, Just imagine eating this Jigli.

The moment it touches your tongue your mouth start watering. I bet it’s watering now isn’t it 🙂

alittleBIGthing !!!

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