#976 Reading book in train journey

Welcome to Indian Railways. Welcome to India on Wheels. Yes you will agree with me that Indian Railway is a place where you will find all the flavours of a India traveling from one place to another gathering more flavours on its way. All the the initial 20-30 mins goes in settlement not just your but of the laguage of the fellow passangers. Some icebreaking chats may also happen depends on the group around. There slowly the train gets faster :)…yes I really think it slowly gets fast.

a journey during a journey

Then you see some people sleeping , some playing cards, some listening music. You remove an intresting book you want to read and start reading page by page. A coffee/tea vendours comes at a right time to give you a cup of coffee to enjoy with your reading. With huge green lanscapes outside you actully start your journey in to your book world while traveling in train. A journey during a journey. Going to the place you want to go is your main intention but completing book on the way and actully enjoing doing so is…alittleBIGthing 🙂

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