#979 smelling Petrol

No not the Kenzos, ESCADAs, cKs,Diors. Not the perfumes.

You are passing by a petrol pump and get to smell petrol. Wow its really transcending and ecstatic to smell petrol.


Why does petrol/gasoline smell good?

some interesting answers:

  • Benzene gives it the smell
  • Because the smell receptors in your nasal passageways are privy to the scent of petroleum/gasoline.
  • petrol doesn’t smell that pleasant but everybody has different receptors of what appeals to them in their brains. For example , some like the smell of spray paint, whilst some others can’t stand it 🙂

Whatever the reason, but one thing is sure smelling petrol is an absolute littleBIGthing !!!

Chhoti Si Baat!!!



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