#981 Celebrating Worldcup victory

I was too small to remember anything of 1983.

2011 Cricket World Cup… Rooting India passionately throughout the tournament. Team qualifies for quarter final, wins with Australia . Semis with Pakistan wins in style. Now it was the Final. Apr 02 2011 World cup final India vs Sri Lanka. I was at my home town( just made sure to match with Sachin, as he was in his home town:)) .


A giant screen, seating with family and friends at my home, absolute set atmosphere for the match. Sri Lanka wins the toss and makes a handsome score. Sachin and Sehwag get out very early in the game. We usually would have lost hope but don’t know why we were very much hopeful and were like sure something good will happen. So we kept cheering India on every ball for every single run. At last Dhoni plays like a real leader, hits a huge SIX . INDIA wins the world-cup 2011.

hip hip hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

The moment was absolutely priceless, everyone choked with happiness first and then mad with celebrations.


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