#977 Smell of soil after first rains

Your nose deserves better than the smell of fast food or polluted air.

In the midst of summer, when the earth is thirsty. When plants and trees have not bathe for months. When the roof tops have gathered dust and dirt. The ponds and lakes have lost its moisture. In the midst of summer sometime afternoon, with the music of thunders and effects of lightening , when it showers. The roofs ,plants and trees gets the wash. But most importantly when the drops of water land on the hot thirsty soil, you smell the aroma, fragrance I don’t have a word to describe the experience of smelling the soil water mixture. You want to garb as much of this awesome smell as you can in your nose, lungs and most importantly your heart. Its blissful, the aroma touches your heart, my heart.

alittleBIGthing 🙂

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